Toca Rivera

Noel "Toca" Rivera (AKA "") is the vocutionist (a percussionist who also sings) for singer, songwriter, and philanthropist Jason Mraz. Born on 1980, Rivera first met Mraz in a San Diego coffee house in 2000. San Diego is also the city in which Rivera received his 25th tattoo and Mraz received his signature "Beginner" tattoo. Their first collaborative album is Live at Java Joe's (2001). Rivera has also performed at many of Mraz's live shows. Even though Rivera is the sole heir to the throne of an uncharted island in the South Pacific, he chooses to live the simple life of a djembe player (a kind of goblet-shaped hand drum that originates in West Africa) alongside entertainer Jason Mraz.

He was once the king of a small tribal island called nysonmantlesor, to which he is still the heir, but was soon overthrown for playing with drums more than dealing with more important matters, such as defending the village he ruled from invaders.

Toca is an inspiration. He is a lover.  Everyone loves Toca and for a good reason, he is a beautiful man and he is so awesome it hurts.

Once the Invaders kicked him off the throne, he made a makeshift raft and floated from the middle of the Atlantic ocean, all the way to Florida, where he worked as a homeless window cleaner. Once he obtained enough funds, he got his first tattoo, a small butterfly on the small of his back, which was taken off.

He met Mraz at a charity event to support the homeless. Having purchased a small drum after amassing money from methods that have not been revealed yet, he couldn't help but play along with some of the music that was playing. Mraz, impressed by the man's clear amount of talent, decided to play along with his guitar, and the audiance seemed to love the show. Toca often recalls his interaction with 4 bros from Lincoln NE who traveled to their concert in Milwaukee WI, summer of 2012. He remembers how enthusiastic the four bros were and wanted to become the 5th bro. Ever since, the two have been inseparable for every show....

They even got matching bear tattoos.

Additionally, he enjoys painfully screaming for a pop-punk band he founded called "The DjEMOs." He founded the band after turning 31 in the year 2018. Shortly after the band was signed by Eminem's record label for being "Edgy and a bit salty" in em's words. Who knew Eminem and mr. Rivera were so progressive?

Toca is a cat person.

(Please note: This is all fiction. Any similarity to any event or person, living or dead, is happenstance and completely a coincidence. This was the literary work of HHHBreak and Moveyourfeetwhenyoupray; edited by Andy Sosa.)

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