Mona tavakoli 3

Jason Mraz has a dark shadowess named Mona Tavakoli, who isn't well known for her omnidexterious ritam technique on her fuzzy box.  She is inhabiting San Diego Zoo as well, with her friends, that also happens to be MrAZ and Tocas friends. They all drive around on really huge waves, and show up only when the wind blows to their wings. This happens frequently around the world, and that is why everyone on the face of the Earth will eventually have a chance to see them all, perform your favorite Mrazinessess (the other word for Jason Mraz's lyrics and music).  

When they are not on the top of the waves, they actually live underwater, where they send their unborn (maybe some future-born)caviar progeny to the Fishschool.  That is the best know ivy college in San Diego area. This also happen to be the best coffee brewery, future known Fishschool Java, that is fastly approaching to be a new venue of legalizing all kind of brews created under the careful eye of the MrAZes, people like you and me, that frequently follow Mrazinessess on the overcrowded cyber-arena.

Mona Tavakoli
Mona and jason

Mona Tavakoli and Jazon Mraz being bosses

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